Selection Criteria

Vision & Mission

  • Learning with creativity and dedication
  • Healing with quality and compassion
  • Discovering with imagination and innovation…

Working with integrity and resolve in the nation's capital, Islamabad Medical and Dental College is committed to educating medical professionals of tomorrow, is dedicated to improving the health and well being of local, national and global communities and serving all human beings with devotion.

Islamabad Medical and Dental College is dedicated to educating aspiring physicians to serve society by assuming a significant role in medical practice, education, and research.

It produces doctors who:

  • Respect the importance of the patient as an individual;
  • Have mastered the knowledge and skills required for diagnosis, management, health promotion and disease prevention in a patient and his community.
  • Desire to provide service and become leaders in medical practice, education and/or research;
  • Incorporate the highest ethical principles into their lives and practice;
  • Affirm the value of medical research, the role of the physicians as educators and the importance of lifelong learning;

Islamabad Medical and Dental College's cherished goal is to prepare physicians who are excellent, compassionate, creative caregivers, poised for significant roles in healthcare.