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What Career Options Exist After BDS?

After graduating from high school, BDS is one of the most sought-after professional courses. Graduates of Islamabad Medical & Dental College seek out the greatest employment possibilities available to them. Before starting dental school, a student has no idea what he or she is in for. After completing an internship, this person's ambition of working in the sector comes to an end. To put it another way, dental school graduates need to know what they can do in the future.

A career as a Dietitian

Many colleges throughout the world offer program in Nutrition and Dietetics to qualified dental professionals with a strong clinical background. With this, you can also work as a dietician in some of the best hospitals in the country.

Master of Public Health (MPH) following BDS

Dentists can pursue an MPH after completing their BDS degree, just like they can pursue an MBA. The opportunity to live and work overseas is the primary draw of this professional path. A master's degree in public health is highly sought after by both the private and public sectors.

A career as a Lecturer

One of the most prevalent post-BDS jobs is working as a faculty member at a dentistry school. You'll also be able to learn and prepare for PG examinations as a result of doing this. You can also use this time and money to get your own dental office up and running! After earning your MDS, you can expect your teaching career to take off in a big way. As a BDS graduate, this is one of the top alternatives for a job.

Begin a Dental Practice after completing your BDS degree

After graduating from dental school, owning a dental practice is a viable career choice. However, you'll need to put in a lot of money before you can expect a big return. In addition, you need to know where to open and how competitive the area is. At least a year's experience in RCT, Impactions, Crown-cutting, etc. is advised after completing your BDS so that you may learn how to handle patients, finances, expenses and treatments.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS)

Some dentists may be able to get a temporary rural assignment and then a permanent one, depending on the departments in which they work. It is true that a government job is a safe one, and it comes with perks like as health insurance and pension plans.

Dental Blogging

After graduating from IMDC, one of the best job opportunities is dental blogging. You can teach, learn and earn. As a resource for dentists and dentistry students, you can set up a blog where you can provide well-researched content. Google, advertisers, affiliates and others can all pay you this way.

Clinical Research

Pharmaceuticals are the second largest market in Asia, and Pakistan is the most populous country in the region. Pharmaceutical research services are increasingly being outsourced to pharmaceutical companies, making it a highly profitable professional path.
A BDS grad can work as a Principal Investigator, Medical Advisor, Co-Investigator, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Drug Developer, or even a Clinical Research Physician in this field.

Dental Cosmetology

When it comes to the current world, people are more concerned about their appearance than ever before. They don't mind spending a lot of money to look their best.
Clinical cosmetologists are in high demand because of this. In order to become an expert in the field of cosmetology, you will need to take a cosmetology course.


After graduating from Islamabad Medical & Dental College, students have a wide range of professional opportunities to select from. Furthermore, becoming a dentist is one of the most cherished feelings in the world. It's entirely up to the individual's personal preferences and values. As a result, one should thoroughly examine all of the options before making a decision.


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