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After Completing a BS MLT Program, what can you do?

Not every position in the healthcare business necessitates direct patient contact. Aside from these highly sought-after chances, there are many more. These occupations, however, nonetheless have a favourable effect on people's health, which is a good thing.
A job in medical laboratory technology is one of such options. Only one field is forecast to grow by 18% by 2024, despite the fact that most other fields are losing jobs at an alarming rate (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

What is MLT (Medical Laboratory Technology)?

Clinical Laboratory Science is another name for Medical Laboratory Technology. In this sector, clinical laboratory tests are used extensively for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of several diseases.
Learn how to conduct tests that aid in the diagnosis of diseases as part of the course. Those who complete the BS-MLT from IDMC will also learn how to use high-tech equipment in order to conduct accurate laboratory tests.

What is a Medical Laboratory Technician's occupation?

Please tell me you're not interested in working in this field. First, you must know what a medical laboratory technician does before you can make a career choice.
As a medical laboratory technician, you'll be involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Is it just 'it' or is there something else going on here? That's a definite no. A medical lab technologist's job is extremely hard because of the many responsibilities they must undertake. As a medical laboratory technician, you must be able to think creatively, solve problems and innovate.

What is a Medical Laboratory Technician's job in the healthcare industry?

Learn about the work of a Medical Lab Technician before deciding whether or not you want to pursue this career path.
Without medical lab techs, do you think hospitals and doctors' offices would be the same? They play a key part in any healthcare facility's operations. Specimens are tested by doctors under the observation of laboratory management and technologists.
Blood tests are an example of this. In the medical container, the nurse collects your blood sample and saves it. After that, what happens next? The Medical Lab Technician performs the test on the blood sample in the laboratory.

Where Can I Find a Job in This Career Path?

Many other disciplines are included in this field, such as blood banking, haematology, clinical chemistry, and immunology as well as microbiology and cytotechnology. Aspirants can choose from a wide range of fields that could lead to a successful career.
The scope of the course has expanded as a result of the increasing amount of information you acquire over time. Numerous new possibilities have opened up, broadening the scope.

  • MRI Technicians
  • Pathology Technician
  • CT Scan Technicians
  • X-ray Technicians
  • Renal Dialysis Technician
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • Dental Machine Technician
  • Physiotherapy Technician
  • Radiology Technician
  • Optical Laboratory Technician

Those who completed the BS-MLT from IDMC can find work in pathology, research, urology, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals.
A profession in teaching, in addition to those listed above, is another option open to aspirants. Medical Laboratory Technology is a professional option for the graduates.
Working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist can be both mentally and emotionally taxing. As a technician or technologist, you'll always have the opportunity to learn something new. Is there anything more you want to do? As someone interested in the medical industry, this course is one of several alternatives you have.


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