Clubs & Socities

Mountaineering and Hiking Club

Extra academic activities are also very important for refreshing the students and play vital role in fuelling them for studying more. IMDC always encourages and supports both faculty members and students in participating in these activities. The health benefits of different types of hiking have been confirmed in various studies. The latest hiking trip for the IMDC faculty members, all MBBS and BDS students was arranged on 11th Feb, 2016 for Margalla Hills track III. It was followed with a lucious lunch complementing with a musical entertainment.

Showing Hiking Trip for Margallah Hills III

Leadership Programs

The mission of Leadership Program Office is to develop the leadership ability in IMDC students. Prepare them to take leadership roles in their professional as well as personal life. To develop self-confidence, communication skills and decision making skills by exposing them to different leadership programmes, holding leadership positions and interacting with leaders of today. Leadership Programs will help IMDC students through all stages of their leadership development. It will be done through utilizing the Leadership Identity

Development Model. When students arrive at IMDC, they will begin their journey in leadership development. They will be EMERGING through being a part of programmes designed to help them learn more about themselves, connect them with student leader mentors and get them started off in the right direction with leadership. They then continue their leadership development through EXPLORING student organizations and involvement opportunities that IMDC has to offer. Soon they will be EXPERIENCING as they will find the groups that fit them best, they will work with others towards a goal, and they will run for an officer/committee position.

As graduation approaches, they will be ENRICHING others and their organizations by being able to see leadership as a shared process, developing younger leaders in their organizations and mentoring them, and seeing the big picture of how their organization can work with other organizations to collaborate towards a shared purpose

Our leadership development programs are a combination of experiential learning opportunities, skill development, and self - assessment programs. We believe that once a student leader understands and knows themselves and their leadership style, they then have the potential to exert great influence on their organizations, work environments, and future communities while learning about themselves, they'll also boost their ability to succeed academically. On top of that, involvement will help them connect with lifetime friends, develop new skills and prepare themselves for the real world. Our mission is to enrich the student experience and promote lifelong learning by fostering an inclusive community that will empower students to lead and serve through meaningful involvement.

Students at IMDC take a full part in a wide variety of recreational activities, many of which are organized by the students in coordination with student life department. They perform a variety of roles from arranging charity campaigns to organizing Sports Week. All in all, the Student Life Department makes a major contribution to ensure that IMDC remains a happy and well-run community.

IMDC also has a lively artistic community. Students regularly stage plays in the College and take part in larger productions outside the college. The entertainment Society organizes talent shows and promote students innate creative abilities and often invites professional musicians. It further envisions in creating week- long Arts Festival with open-air plays, concerts, film nights, poetry readings, exhibitions and moots and debates

Our Blood Donor Society, being one of the most active and well established society regularly set ups blood donation camps and celebrates blood donor’s day with zeal. Collaborating and coordinating with many renowned foundations, this society aims to create blood donation culture in Pakistan.

There is every opportunity for members of the College to participate in sports whatever their level of competence. There are men's and women's football, badminton, cricket, tennis, netball, basketball, athletics and many indoor games. The teams have been selected through a process and according to the student’s interest in a particular game.

Another important society came into being this year namely scientific research and development society, which the department of community medicine runs with great interest and seeks further progress Literary society came into being when once a diverse culture was witnessed at IMDC. Students from various backgrounds exchange their thoughts through words and the power of ink.

The mission of the office of Student Clubs and Organization is to foster an environment of leadership, camaraderie, collectiveness, engagement, involvement and sense of working towards a common goal by encouraging students to start clubs and organizations in the categories of academics, service, sports and interests. Go ahead, get plugged into campus; you're a Miner for life Student Counselling Committee

Students' Counseling Committee

Professional life poses challenges and many problems. Students naturally experience a wide variety of personal and academic concerns; individual counselor assists these students in clarifying their issues, examining the solutions they have employed and developing new coping strategies in order to acquire the skills needed for effective living. Many students benefit from individual counseling at some point in their professional college life. Individual counselling provides counselling support to student through this adjustment period, thus contributing to the enrichment of their emotional, social and academic potential.

Individual counseling services are comprised of individual counseling sessions.

Counselling Session: This will be held in absolute confidentiality. The counselor will attempt to gain a deeper understanding of student concerns and to assist students to make decisions and resolve concern like stress, examination anxiety, time management, study skills and any personal problems

Psychological Counseling

We advise people on how to deal with problems of everyday living, including problems in the home, place of work, or community, to help improve their quality of life. We foster well-being by promoting good mental health and preventing mental, physical, and social disorders.

We collaborate with teachers, parents and students to create a safe, healthy and supportive learning environment. We address students' learning and behavioral problems, suggest improvements to class room management strategies or parenting techniques and evaluate students with disabilities, gifted and talented students to help determine the best way to educate them.


Collaborate with teachers, parents, and administrators to find effective solutions to learning and behavior problems. Help others understand student development and how it affects learning and behavior. Strengthen working relationships between teachers, parents, and service providers in the community.


  • Evaluate eligibility for special services.
  • Assess academic skills and aptitude for learning.
  • Determine social-emotional development and mental health status.
  • Evaluate learning environments.


Provide psychological counselling to help resolve interpersonal or family problems that interfere with their performance. Work directly with students and their families to help resolve problems in adjustment and learning. Provide training in social skills and anger management.

Research and Planning

Evaluate the effectiveness of academic and behavior management programs. Identify and implement programmes and strategies to improve college.