Some words from our Principal - Dr.Khalid Hassan

Principal's Office

Dear students!

I am delighted to welcome you to Islamabad Medical and Dental College.

I am sure the scenic beauty of the campus with its picturesque surrounding would strike you straight away but it would not take you long to discover the real vibrant spirit of the college inspired and guided by ancient wisdom, modern knowledge and compassionate humanism in the glorious traditions of Hippocrates, Ibn e Sina and William Osler. The art of healing combined with the science of latest medical advances is a precious asset to acquire in order to serve the fellow human beings. The outstanding Faculty and latest state of art facilities offer you the best opportunity to realize your real potential and become the best you can be in a stimulating and nurturing academic environment.

Extra curricular activities are an essential part of campus life and help you acquire important attributes for a happy and successful life. A plethora of these activities are in place for you to participate in and enjoy.

We have very high and exacting standards, to maintain and improve. Our aim is to achieve Excellence! (Our College motto) in every thging we do. The College expects you to make a real and significant contribution to the campus life during your stay. We can scale ever new heights together. This obviously takes deep commitment, dedication and hard work.

Prof.Dr.Khalid Hassan

MBBS, MPhil Hematology, DCP