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Highly Qualified Faculty

With the arrival of digital media, the function of a teacher has fundamentally changed. How? Let's take a look at what happened in the past. Previously, it was a cinch to do. Teachers used to be the ones who had to impart knowledge to students a decade ago. As a result of this, they were viewed as lecturers or those who taught and tested students. In certain cases, they are even viewed as the source of all knowledge and resources. In your opinion, what role does a well-qualified teacher play in the life of a student? Student learning is strongly linked to teachers' subject-matter expertise, according to research. With today's high standards and demands, having a highly qualified instructor is more crucial than ever. This blog will explain why it's said that way!

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Facilities Provided to Students

Islamabad Medical & Dental College's objective is to provide the best educational facilities possible. Faculty and administrative staff are well-trained and operate in state-of-the-art laboratories to support our relevant and current curricula. In addition, there are a number of educational support facilities available to students.

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What Career Options Exist After BDS?

After graduating from high school, BDS is one of the most sought-after professional courses. Graduates of Islamabad Medical & Dental College seek out the greatest employment possibilities available to them. Before starting dental school, a student has no idea what he or she is in for. After completing an internship, this person's ambition of working in the sector comes to an end. To put it another way, dental school graduates need to know what they can do in the future.

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After Completing a BS MTL Program, what can you do?

Not every position in the healthcare business necessitates direct patient contact. Aside from these highly sought-after chances, there are many more. These occupations, however, nonetheless have a favourable effect on people's health, which is a good thing.
A job in medical laboratory technology is one of such options. Only one field is forecast to grow by 18% by 2024, despite the fact that most other fields are losing jobs at an alarming rate (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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Four Common Myths about Completing your Post RN-BSN Degree

What is the most likely thing you will regret? For many, it's the past relationships they've had, missed opportunities, or pals they haven't seen in a long time.
It is possible that all of these are correct, but the truth may surprise you. Many regret not getting an education, according to research by the Islamabad Medical and Dental College Campaign.
Do you know what's holding you back from completing your degree? In this article, we'll dispel some prevalent misconceptions about earning a Post RN-BSN degree and offer suggestions for how to overcome them.

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