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  • What is IMDC Creed?

    The creed is a complement to the college's conduct code .It explains why we regulate and restrict what we do. It forms the basis for and serves as “a summary of what is expected by the institution.”

    It can be called our “summary of values”, “a statement of principles” and “a statement of standards we hope will govern relationships in the community.” Some people like to call it a “Social Honor Code” or “a code of Ethics” we like to call it a “teaching tool” in the hope that faculty and staff will use it to help students claim the rights and respect they deserve and to understand the obligations and assumptions that come with being a member of the IMDC community.

    If you remember when you were young and wanted to do something your parents did not want you to do, you may also remember how it felt when you asked “Why not?”, and they answered, “because we are your parents and we say so.” Part of the reason we have the IMDC creed is because we do not want members of our community to feel that way. We feel we have an obligation to respect students and to respond to their legitimate questions– “Why?” or “Why not?” introducing students to the creed is a way we affirm or express our recognition of the worth, dignity and ability of any individual student.