Oral maxillofacial surgery

The department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Islamabad Medical and Dental College offers a comprehensive service relating to conditions of the face, mouth, jaws and neck including a routine assessment and treatment service for common oral surgery conditions such as routine tooth extractions, impacted tooth surgery, pre-prosthetic surgery, or facial pain, diagnosis and treatment of cysts and tumors of the jaws, management of temporomandibular joint diseases and treatment of trauma cases. Orthognathic surgery to correct the facial asymmetry is also offered at an affordable cost. The latest treatment regarding replacing the missing teeth, the dental implants are also carried out in the department.

The clinical training of the subject is imparted in 3rd and final year of undergraduate course at IMDC. At the completion of the degree program the dental graduates are expected to have competency to perform simple and surgical tooth removal, diagnose common oral pathologies of mouth and jaws and provide emergency services in trauma cases.