Oral Pathology

The department of Anatomy at IMDC is headed by Dr. Saffia Shaukat. All the faculty members are actively involved in teaching and training of undergraduates 1St year MBBS, 2nd year MBBS, and 1st year BDS students. The department is equipped with a large dissection hall and a mortuary that can accommodate up to eight human cadavers. A well-equipped museum caters for all the training requirements of the undergraduate students. The department also has a histology laboratory which has generous supply of histological slides of the normal body tissues which are studied by means of multi head microscopes and overhead projectors.

The subject of Anatomy which is considered as the backbone of all preclinical and clinical subjects is taught at IMDC in an integrated manner with all the three disciplines of histology, embryology and gross anatomy interlinked with each other. This is done with the help of an array of different teaching modalities such as large group interactive sessions, small group discussions and practical sessions, aiming at clinical aspects, application of knowledge and problem solving with a balanced emphasis on cognition, psychomotor skills and affective domains. The driving force behind the Anatomy department and its faculty is the aim to produce doctors for the 21' century comparable to national and international standard.