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Student housing

The college provides separate hostel facilities for both male and female students, which is headed by Mrs. Zubaida Niazi, Director Hostels.

Currently, the hostels are located in rented facilities within 10 minutes drive from campus. Transport between college and hostel is provided with separate buses for male and female students. The hostels are based on occupancy of 3-4 students per room with shared washrooms. They are located at walking distances from shops but a regular facility is available for students to go to the market with no extra charges especially for the female students. The hostels have activity lounge with TV. The hostel fee also include messing (3 meals a day). Full security is provided to the students and they are supervised by wardens. The hostels are provided with internet access and computer facilities.

Department of Student Housing is responsible for:

  • Managing all the students housing facilities, making sure they are in compliance with standards set by IMDC management.
  • Manage enrollment of student in the student housing, assignment of the rooms, messing, security and checkout.
  • Develop and maintain budget, forecast future needs, develop process and policies governing student housing.
  • Develop student learning communities at the housing facilities. The main objective of these learning communities is to provide learning environment for the residents and help students to learn from each other. Arrange, when required, tutorials and help sessions.
  • Help create recreational opportunities for the resident students within the hostels or external trips.
  • Promote healthy living amongst the resident students.