Selection Criteria

Student media

The main objective of the office of student media is to develop the communication, writing and creative skills of the students. The student media serve the objective of keeping IMDC community and external stakeholders informed about what is happening at IMDC. The student media consists of the following:

  • Newsletter
  • Annual College Magazine
  • Website

Newsletter “Horizon”

The purpose of quarterly newsletter is to inform the community about the event and occassion taking place in IMDC from time to time. 10 editions of the newsletter have been published so far.

Annual College Magazine “ Meridian”

The purpose of this magazine is to inform,engage,inspire and entertain a diverse readership.It encourage the students the students to participate in extra-curricular activities aswell as to extend the influence of the institution beyond its premises.IMDC has launched Meridian to provide a platform for students to demonstrate their talents, creativity and prove their worth.