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About Students Affairs

Department of Student Affairs

Student Affairs advances student development and learning; fosters community engagement; promotes diversity, inclusion and respect and empowers students to thrive.
The Division of Students’ Affairs and Department of Academic Support through partnerships with campus and community constituents promote the intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, cultural, and social development of students, thus preparing them for a life learning, service, and engagement. The Division and Department support the mission of Islamabad Medical & Dental College, guided by its dedication to learning, commitment to diversity and devotion to its core values.

Sub-Division of the Department

1. Academic Support Section
2. Student Life

Academic Support Section

Department of Academic Support's main objective is to provide support to the academic activities at IMDC. It constitutes following offices:

Office of Registrar/Student Records is responsible for maintaining all records of the students from the day of their acceptance into the college till their graduation and provide all the necessary records to faculty and administration as required from time to time.

Academic Support Section

The Student Information System is at the heart of almost all administrative activity relating to students and their studies at Islamabad Medical & Dental College. The aim of the system is to support students and encourage a strong and positive relationship with the institute.
The overall mission of the Student Information System is to integrate and support new learning and teaching opportunities and technologies for students and faculty. It aims to provide comprehensive student programmes and opportunities for all student affairs areas related to admission, enrolment, auto identification, registration, academic calendar, academic progress and attendance, report of professional excellence in all subjects and services, delivery of student support services; including admissions, financial aid, and student records.
The web portal of Student Information System is a powerful on-line tool for students, parents/guardians, and Faculty/Management to participate more fully in the educational process. The portal can be accessed through any internet-connected computer at www.imdcollege.edu.pk

Career Centre

Career Centre's main objective is to provide information which will help IMDC students to make the best career choices. It provides information about career choices, career counselling, job placement assistance, interview training, resume development and training.

International Student Services Program

The objectives of the International Student Services Program office is two-fold

1. To promote IMDC Internationally, facilitate enrollment of the International students, assist with visa requirements and ensure their safe arrival, facilitate their integration into overall IMDC community and provide counseling.
2. Provide information and counseling for the IMDC graduates who intend to further study abroad

The office of Judicial Board and Disciplinary Committee is responsible for convening the pre-appointed Judicial Board of Disciplinary committee upon request of the Chairman, Dean or Principal. The office also assures that the due process is conducted as described by the rules and within the time limits. This office also assures that each party is kept informed of the proceedings. The results are communicated to concerned parties after the required approval.


The college is an organization built with the purpose of imparting knowledge to the students in a peaceful environment and to enrich their personality by inculcating in them a sense of responsibility, tolerance, and discipline. Discipline and an organized life in the college is important; it is therefore essential that rules and regulations should be laid down to ensure an orderly and decent atmosphere of the college. With this objective in mind, the following regulations have been established.

Acts of Indiscipline

Among others, the following shall constitute acts of indiscipline recognizable under these regulations against which action can be taken by the disciplinary committee.

Minor Offences

Coming late
Not wearing lab coat and college ID card
Not following college dress code
Absence from class test
Violation of morals, such as the use of indecent language, undesirable remarks and gestures, disorderly behavior for example: abusing, quarreling, fighting and insolence towards others including fellow students, faculty and staff
Defiance of college authority and its rules
Violation of hostel rules
Spreading of inappropriate instigatory remarks regarding religious or regional linguistic ethics verbally or in writing
Impersonation or giving false information or willful separation of information or cheating or deceiving
Absence from class without application / permission

Major Offences

Inciting violence, use of force, destruction of college property
Making speeches, shouting slogans or circulating of printed or cyclostyled or photocopied material, e-mail derogatory to Islam, Pakistan, the prestige of the college or malign the reputation of its faculty or staf
Ragging is strictly prohibited in any form
Indulgence in acts which may cause insult or physical injury to the students, teachers, officers and staff of the college
Sale and distribution of intoxicants at the campus directly or indirectly
Indulgence in political/ethnic/racial activity or use of students or such like organizations for furthering the cause or political party
Use of unfair means in examinations Abstracting the function of the college or causing disruption of teaching/ research/ other activities.

Procedure for Processing Acts of Indiscipline

Each case of indiscipline shall be reported to the Principal of the College through the Head of the Department or the warden of the hostels. In case any event takes place outside the college premises and has legal effect, it will be dealt with by the District Administration.
On receipt of complaint the Principal or his deputed representative shall issue a show cause notice highlighting the offence to the student involved in the act of indiscipline. Within 48 hours, the meeting of the Discipline Committee will be held after issuing show cause notice. It shall be ensured that the show cause notice has been received by the student against whom a report of indiscipline has been made. The disciplinary committee, at the appropriate level, shall ensure that the student, against whom a complaint of indiscipline has been filed, is given adequate chance to present his case.

Punishment or penalty for acts of indiscipline

Punishment or penalty for acts of indiscipline shall be according to the gravity of the offence and may be any one or more of the following:

Minor Punishments

A warning in writing
A fine of rupees 1000/- for absence from one class/practical/test
A fine of rupees 2000/- for violating dress code of college and not wearing lab coat
A fine of rupees 2000/- for remaining absent from college for a single day
A fine of rupees 1000/-for not appearing in a test
A fine of rupees 3000-5000/- for other offence(s)

Major Punishments

The following major penalties shall be imposed on the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee
Fine which may amount upto Rs10,000/-
Suspension or rustication from the hostel/college for 2-3 months
Expulsion from the college
Non conferment of degree/transcript

Other Provisions

An appeal against the decision of the Disciplinary Committee can be filed within 15 days to the Principal of the college.
If the Principal feels that any of the appeal requires consideration, he will refer it to the Academic Council for consideration/ decision.
The decision of Academic Council shall be final.
Dress code
College ID card and lab coat are compulsory
Following dress code is suggested for the students in the college.
Shirt / Trouser / Duppata / Scarf Any Color
Overall: White
Blazer / Sweater / Jersey: Garnet
Note: Jeans / Heels not allowed.
Shirt / Trouser: Any Color
Overall: White
Blazer / Sweater / Jersey: Garnet
Proper Hair Cut
Note: Jeans / T-shirt not allowed.