DPT, BS-MLT, PostRN-BSN | Session 2020-21 | Admissions
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The candidates who have appeared in National MDCAT are eligible for admission in DPT & BS-MLT.
MBBS, BDS | Session 2020-21 | Admissions
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Final Merit Lists - Islamabad Medical & Dental College
MBBS Merit List | BDS Merit List
Keeping in view the current situation of COVID-19, Islamabad Medical & Dental College (IMDC) will not conduct the optional interviews of the candidates for admission and has decided to give full marks in the interview, having 20% weightage, to all the candidates who have already applied through the PMC portal. IMDC will process the MBBS & BDS admissions for session 2020-21 on the basis of the PMC Merit List.
MBBS/BDS Session 2020-21 | Application for Transfer of Admission to IMDC
Standard Operating Procedures for Students during Covid 19 Pandemic
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Welcome to Islamabad Medical and Dental College

Welcome to Islamabad Medical & Dental College
Islamabad Medical and Dental College (IMDC) is located in the country's capital, Islamabad, with a campus spread over 90 Kanals at the scenic Margalla foothills. IMDC provides a healthy and nurturing environment for the training of the uniquely prepared physicians to practice 21st century medicine.

Islamabad Medical and Dental College has a purpose built campus with spacious lecture halls, well equipped modern laboratories, and a spacious library, auditorium and staff offices. It is equipped with modern and state-of-the-art teaching aids and laboratory equipment to impart quality education in a clean and serene environment.

Islamabad Medical and Dental College is affiliated with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU), Islamabad and is recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and the Ministry of Health, Pakistan (No. F-3-10/2007-MER dated 13th August, 2007) for MBBS (No.F.3-46/2008-MER dated 24th December 2010) for BDS and (No. F.1-30/2012-PMDC/NHSCR dated 24th July 2013) for MDS. IMDC is listed in WHO Directory of Medical Institutions (www.who.int) and International Medical Education Directory (www.ecfmg.org)

It is recognized for MBBS, BDS, Post RN-BSN, DPT, BS-MLT, Post-graduate programs in six disciplines of Dentistry. The Department of Physiology is recognized for FCPS Part-II training by College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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Student Life at Islamabad Medical & Dental College

  • I offer all the prayers to ALLAH the Almighty. It is because of HIS blessings and mercy that I achieved such a distinguished position.

    Medical education and training demands an enormous amount of commitment coupled with hard work. The people in your life invest in you because they want to see you succeed, so to make it happen put in your full efforts. My parents, family and teachers have always been supportive and encouraging. No doubt, IMDC is a place where one can explore new horizons of knowledge.

  • Everyone has an aim in life and my aim is to serve humanity. What can be the best way to serve humanity other than being a doctor? So I chose Medicine and IMDC gave me the opportunity to fulfill my aim. A new beginning, a new journey and a new chapter of life started. IMDC has given me best teachers who mentored me with dedication, friends who were a great support to me .wonderful memories that will always remain close to my heart. My college gave me a lot of experiences that I never dreamed of, a new way to learn and a new approach to success. In IMDC, I came to know for the first time that it's the dedication to your profession that gives you a sense of satisfaction. It does not matter how long you live but what matters is how grateful you are. I'm proud of being an IMDCian. Thanks to IMDC for being a great source of inspiration for me. Just like every other medical student, I was afraid of my professional exams as I was an average student but my results were surprising. For me also i did not know how this happened. With the blessings of ALLAH Almighty and prayers of my parents, I was awarded 4 gold medals. I want to dedicate my success to my parents, teachers and friends as they were a great support to me and without them nothing was possible.

  • When I completed school, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. After getting admission in IMDC I thought, I did it!- Little did I know what awaited me! The first few months were especially tough, I suspected I had bitten more than I could chew. I seriously doubted my capabilities and wondered; have I chosen the right career?

    Slowly and gradually in the course of 4 years of my BDS training, IMDC became my second home , studying here has taught me not only how to rise academically and become a multi skilled professional, but also how to utilize my various talents and most importantly how to be a good human being.

    Achieving the title of the Best Graduate of the class is not something that I could have accomplished with my hard work alone. It was a combined effort of many; especially my beloved Parents who were always supportive through thick and thin, my Professors and faculty who encouraged me to attain my true potential despite all the odds and of course my friends who were there throughout to share some wonderful memories. I proudly affirm that, after the Almighty, whatever I am today I owe it to each and every one of them.

  • وَمَاتَشَاؤُونَإِلَّاأَنيَشَاءاللَّهُ

    ''And you do not will , except that Allah wills''

    Its only a cliché to say that I stumbled into BDS but in retrospect, this is indeed what happened to me. Ironically, growing up watching my father practice over the years, it was never what I dwelled upon. It's only fair to call it wild turn of events by my destiny. The biggest gamble of my life, the one that feel I would win (Insha Allah)

    Today I am tremendously honored and filled with joy for having been chosen as the best graduate of the BDS batch 2012. Not even for a second did I think that my hard work was any different than that of my peers. Undoubtedly the journey has been tedious one, but it was only a minor glitch in otherwise a smooth sailing. Truth be told , I strongly believe that my course through these years was made easier by the grace of ever so bountiful ALLAH ,fervent prayers of my parents and an extra dash of sheer luck.

    A big chunk of credit goes to my parents for not only believing in me but also for never second guessing me at the darkest of my days. Word will always fail me when I would want to reflect my gratitude towards my parents. I will always be half done without their constant support and relentless love.

  • I always wanted to become a doctor. My fate, wish , efforts and prayers of my parents and grandparents brought me to the medical college and got admission in BDS. The day I entered IMDC I was very stressed out. It was a very tough competition, with the aim of becoming a doctor and fulfilling my parent's wishes and expectations. I started to work really hard. In this effort I was not alone, it was the hard work of all my teachers and my parent's prayers and all the sacrifices made for me that brought me to the position where I am today. I always seeked help from my Allah (SWT) and he never left me alone. He gave me the strength and courage to face all the hurdles and reach my destiny. I couldn't have achieved this much in my life, if my parents had not shown that much confidence in me. They made me realize that I can do anything or everything in life when they are with me and today I again say that , it is all because of my Lord's wish, my parent's and grandparent's prayers and my teacher's hard work that I am getting a gold medal. I really can't thank all enough. May Allah (SWT) give me strength in the future as well and that I may be able to do justice with my profession and serve the humanity as much as I can.