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Facilities Provided to Students

Islamabad Medical & Dental College's objective is to provide the best educational facilities possible. Faculty and administrative staff are well-trained and operate in state-of-the-art laboratories to support our relevant and current curricula. In addition, there are a number of educational support facilities available to students.

Central Library

The college's library is large. Approximately 5000 square feet is covered by the library's roof. Because of the rising number of pupils, it has been expanded this year to accommodate them.
The library continuously adds new titles and refreshes its collection in order to benefit students and provide instructors with the most up-to-date resources.
"Bring one book and get one book" has been instituted at IMDC thanks to the assistance of the principal. There is an art gallery in the library, where students display their work on a rotating schedule.

Computer Services

High-speed computers and the internet are available to all of our pupils at all times. Video conferencing has been introduced at IMDC, one of the first public sector universities.
Teaching, learning, and research are supported by a wide range of print and electronic resources provided by IMDC. More than 11,000 books and 25,000 periodicals are available for free online with abstracts and full-text thanks to the support of HEC, the library's online catalogue. We've added 20 additional medical publications to our collection, which may be accessed both in print and online. Books about medical science are available at the library. In addition, there is a library of reference books. Audio and video cassettes, DVDs, CDs, slides & presentations are all part of the non-print collection.

University Transport

A pick-up and drop-off service are provided to IMDC students and faculty members by the Transportation Section. Buses, vans, and pick-up vehicles are also available. In order to take advantage of the services, students must register their names at the time of enrollment. In the event of a medical emergency, an ambulance will be dispatched. In addition, the Transportation Section handles all official trips by staff and students to survey camps and field trips.

Student Advisory Council

In addition to helping with academic, recreational, co-curricular, and extra-curricular matters for students, the Student Advisory Council also serves as an advocate for students. "Councils" pupils to cultivate intellectual and creative abilities. This group is led by the Advisor for Student Affairs and serves as a forum for students to voice their issues and ideas.

Hostel Facilities

The Director of Hostels, Mrs. Zubaida Niazi, oversees the college's distinct facilities for male and female students.
Ten minutes away from campus, the hostels are now housed in rented facilities. Separate buses transport male and female students to and from the college and hostel. In the dorms, a maximum of three to four students share a room, and the bathrooms are shared by all residents.
Despite the fact that they are close to stores, students can take advantage of a free shuttle service to the market, which is especially convenient for female students. An entertainment area with a television may be found in most of the hostels. Messing around is also included in the hostel price (3 meals a day).
Wardens keep an eye on the students to make sure they are safe at all times. The hostels have access to the Internet and computers.


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