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St. Joseph Hospice

St. Joseph's Hospice is an affiliated teaching hospital of Islamabad Medical and Dental College. St. Joseph's is a 60 bedded charitable hospice whose aim is to provide free medical care and facilities to the destitute, the sick, and the terminally ill, without regard to race or religion. A volunteer managing committee provides guidance on the financial and administrative management of the hospice.
Islamabad Medical and Dental College has always been an enormous supporter of any organization working for the betterment of the suffering humanity. It consists of Medical, Surgical and Paediatric patients who need rehabilitation; most of the patients need medical attention for their chronic ailments.
Franciscan nuns, missionaries of mary run the hospice. The fully trained staff is composed of 26 Pakistani nurses, aides and volunteer doctors, ward helpers who are former village boys and girls whom the nuns have trained and are now employed. Patients who can work are taught to do embroidery, knitting, tailoring and other handicrafts. Many of them do recover enough to return to their homes and are then able to earn a small living from their new found trade. All medical services are free of charge to resident patients. This is the practice regardless of costs involved, type or duration of treatments required.
St. Joseph's Hospice provides services to its patients based upon need and not upon ability to pay. St. Joseph's Hospice provides residential patients with medical, physical, occupations, vocational, orthopedic (prosthesis). A nursery and early childhood educational program is offered to the youngest residents at the hospice. IMDC not only provides financial assistance to the hospice but services of highly qualified specialists and consultants as well. Regular OPD on daily basis is held and a medical officer from IMDC goes to see the patients 6 days a week.Once a week a registrar from a medical unit visits the hospice to see any problem cases and if required senior faculty member visits the hospice.
Students of 3rd & 4th year visit the hospice to examine patients of CNS aliments and their rehabilitation. Under the supervision of highly qualified senior faculty members. Moreover students get a chance to study deeply the problems of socially dejected patients suffering from neurological deficits and other disabilities. Repair and maintenance of lab equipments, OT, furniture and fixture has also been carried out by IMDC.